Losing my domain name…

I am losing my domain name… vidinur.com can no longer be used and no longer pointing to this site… well I cant do anything now… except to let it go… :) move on…


Which spring and needle ? – SU HS6 For Landrover series

For those who have not read my set up of SU HS6 carburetor for land rover series 3 you can read it Part 1 here and Part Two here:

As you may aware, I bought the carburetor SU HS6 as a complete unit, it comes with BAK needle and green spring, and that what I use for the initial set up… It works but may be not optimal… from the forum and discussion, they are few suggestion:

  1. Copy ACR set up with BGB needle and Black spring
  2. BDM needle with red spring
  3. BDB or BBW but not sure what spring they use..

Just to remind you on the profile of the needle, you can see below  that BGB is very rich needle, BBW second, BAK third, BDM fourth and BDB is the leanest…

needle su

Actually I want to copy ACR set up, however after having discussion with Burlen… there is no such thing as black spring for HS6, I think they do not want to be copied, and may be they change the color of the spring to hide the their set up…

Finally I ordered BDM and BDB needle and  red spring, hence I have three needles and 3 springs (one spring is from old SU)… it will be interesting the try all possible combination.. :).

Here some photos when I am tried needle and spring combination

Three springs SU HS6

Three springs SU HS6 : the Green, the red and the unknown.. (from right to left)



Needle BDM and BDB fro burlen



Off the Dashpot, and we can easily change the spring and needle


Replace The spring with the another spring we want


Off the old needle and the new needle is ready to be installed


The needle center lead… its funny because actually the needle is slightly not centered even using this centering aid..

To make it apple to apple, first I have to make sure that the ignition timing is at 6 deg BTDC as suggested by ACR using their Cyl head.

So.. after the few tries… I finally concluded that the setup is best using green spring and BDB needle... The others also works but at high throttle it missed fire or blow back… or severely lost power compare to this one.  it is quite strange… ACR set up is using the richest needle, I am using the same head from ACR but it best using the Leanest of the option…

Bit confuse, but I find it very smooth and have more power using this set up, it capable of going uphill at 3rd gear,  previously it need the second gear to climb it… So thats it for now, any questions please write it down below.. hope it can be useful for you


Cheers for now..


Other set up is OK, but in the open throttle, I experienced a missed fire… even if I tried my best to adjust the

New ACR 9:1 compression head for Dolly

It has been a long time since I post update on Dolly, the white Land rover series III long Station wagon… Not that I am giving up on her, on the contrary I planned an expensive upgrade for her … its a new  ACR head 9:1 compression head.

I have been planning this kind of upgrade since quite  along time…  been reading all discussion about this kind of upgrade, I was torn between ACR or Tuner engineering head. Lots of thinking and discussion in the forum, I finally decided to choose ACR, simply because it cost less, not necessary it’s better… for those who wants to understand deeper, should go and read to this page.

Cut the story short, I ordered one and when it arrived I feel like Xmast comes early..:)


Here is the box… around 20kgs


This is the new shiny ACR 9:1 head, it comes with the set of gasket



Inside of the head…


The Old head is off and cleaned…


There is a sign of blown gaskets in the old head


The New head is going in…


Installed and oil added…


Here is the notes on how to properly install and adjustment needed

With this new head + SU HS6 carburetor I notice Dolly now is much pleasant to ride compare to the stock head…. next plan is to replace the manifold with more free flowing pipe… any question on the set up please let me know..



Land rover series one engine Governor and PTO

Yesterday is bit pleasant surprise for me I got New Old Stock accessories for Land rover series, the one is PTO (Power Take off) as you can see below…


This is a Centre PTO to operate additional tools in Land rover series… as you may aware that the Land rover series is actually a tractor legally driven on road… :). Another one is a rare item and expensive one… engine governor for series 1 as you can see here:


The engine governor and the PTO is needed to run the tool at constant engine level, basically what it does is: when the engine under load, the rpm will going down, and governor will adjust the carburetor to add some more fuel and increasing RPM at the intended RPM and vice versa… thats what they do before computer and CHIP become a common accessories..

The sad part is I do not have all the complete unit.. I still need to find a dog clutch for the PTO, and tlescopic rod for the engine governor.. if you have any idea how to get this two things (cheaply) will be much appreciated…

here is the picture when the centre PTO and governor are installed:

from : http://www.rover.org.nz/manuals/landrov/land14.htm




Someone hacked my Gmail account


Few days ago, someone hijacked my Gmail account, I am not sure how they did it… Google has very strong security features, so I do not think they have cracked Gmail security. Either they got it from spy ware in my computer or I fall into phishing trap.

How did it happened…

I open Gmail almost everyday, nothing suspicious until the day the account hijacked… at around 11AM, I got SMS notification from a number (4664000)… it said:

Google account xxxxx@gmail.com ; suspicious login detected. see google.com/signins

I thought this is some kind of phishing, but when I see the adrress and no link, it serems legitimate… Nothing I can do as I did not have internet access at that moment… and then I got another message from same number:

Google account xxxxx@gmail.com ; Password changed, see google.com/password

Now, I am getting really worried.. someone broke into my google account… they will know my correspondence on online transaction and they may be able to  trick others by using my account…

Second later, few of my colleagues sending me message… asking why am I sending useless stuff…

How I reclaimed the account

Panicked and worried I go to nearest internet access.. yes its Starbuck, ordered a drink and WiFi access code… its weird because is now fasting month.. :). But this is urgent and I need internet access now…

Log-in to Google account,  true enough I can not logged in…. Good things is Google notify me that the password has been changed an hour ago, and ask whether it is me… I click the link and they provide me with this notification…Image

A bastard from Romania hacked my Gmail account..??? Seems that google prevented the attempt, but he managed to send spam… how can that be… but glad to see no further damage has been done..

I clicked “No”, and they offer me to re-set the password using associated account or SMS notification… Again Glad that I provide my real cellphone number… Although I am not activating my two step verification I am able to recover the account… I am activating it now although a bit annoying (i.e you can not log in if your phone battery is dead) but I think it worth it… and I suggest you to do the same…

I am very sorry for the inconvenience… if you got a spam from me, do not click the link or give user name and password or download anything… if you already did… someone may have your password…

Cheers for now and Take care