Side mirror Arm for Land rover series 3

For sale, side mirror arm for land rover series 3. There are two options we can have to mount the side side mirror in Land rover series 3… we can mount it on the “wing” or we can bolted on the door hinges

This particular side mirror arm is spring loaded and made from good old metal… you can knock it around and it will always back to its position… good for offroad life style :)

Di jual gagang spion untuk land rover series 3, ada dua cara memasang spion di land rover  series 3, anda bisa memasangnya di spakbor… atau memasangnya di engsel pintu seperti defender

Gagang spion ini ada pernya.. sehingga kalau kena pohon akan kembali ke tempat semula… terbuat dari besi, jadi awet dan cocok untuk dibawa offroad

Brand: Winguard
Condition : NOS (New Old Stock)





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